The Pilot


I first started flying in 2005. Finding myself with a few months free from University, I went to European Flight Training in Fort Pierce, Florida, for a 6 week Private Pilot course. Returning to the UK, I spent two years flying with the Cambridge University Air Squadron (as well as the flying club based at the same airfield, RAF Wyton), and also a motor glider at a local gliding club. Leaving University I decided to try out some more adventurous flying, and the USA 2007 trip was born.

USA 2007 proved that this kind of trip was entirely achievable, as well as great fun, and this quickly led on to USA 2009, Tunisia 2010, and Egypt 2011.

Since qualifying for my PPL I have added commercial and instrument ratings and have now amassed almost 2,200 flight hours across more than 40 countries, all privately or for charity.

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