Aviation Forums

PPRuNe Forums - One of the internets largest aviation discussion forums also has a GA section.
Pilots of America Forums - A USA focused GA discussion forum
Flyer Forums - The number one general aviation forum for the UK.

Aviation Resources


SkyVector - Complete VFR and IFR charts online for the entire world, with weather and flight planning
WikiAirports - Airport information Wiki for GA pilots worldwide
GA Support Egypt - Outstanding worldwide GA support based out of Egypt, run by enthusiasts
White Rose Aviation - Permits and Clearances worldwide


First Aviation Services Tunisia - Aircraft handling and support in Tunisia


Thai Flying Club - Instruction and aircraft rental 100km South of Bangkok


Homebriefing - Austrian and Swiss AIP, flight planning, GAFOR and other VFR forecasts
France AIP
Netherlands AIP


airnav.com - Detailed airport information, reviews, and ILS approach plates for US airports
100ll.com - AVGAS and Jet-A Prices for US airports

Aviation Safety


SEMS Aerosafe - SEMS Aerosafe offer rental of liferafts, PLBs, and other items at extremely good prices, delivery and collection included.

Training and Aircraft Rental


Vliegclub Rotterdam - Flight Training and Flying Club in Rotterdam, Netherlands


Channel Islands Aviation - Flight Training and Aircraft Rental in Camarillo, California
Cirrus Aviation - Flight Training and Aircraft Rental in Sarasota, Florida
Palm Beach Flight Training - Flight Training and Aircraft Rental in Palm Beach, Florida

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