Cessna 152


The Cessna 152 is a 2-seat aircraft, usually used for training. Cruising speed is approximately 90kts, with a still-air range of approximately 700km.


Cessna 172


The Cessna 172 is a 4 seat aircraft commonly used for training. It is one of the most widely produced and flown aircraft in the world, and can be found almost anywhere that you go.


Cessna 172 SP

C172 SP

The Cessna 172 SP is a more modern version of the original C172. It features a fuel-injected 180hp engine, offering noticeably better performance than the older C172 models.


Cessna 172 RG

C172 RG

Yet another version of the C172, the RG (retractable gear) version, also known as the Cutlass, offers retractable landing gear and a constant speed propeller. The engine is a carbureted 180hp model.


Cessna 182S


The Cessna 182 is effectively the "next model up" from the C172. The aircraft itself is off similar dimensions, albeit with slightly more interior room. The engine is 235hp, and the aircraft is equipped with a constant speed propeller, resulting in cruising speeds of approximately 140kts and a greatly improved load carrying capacity over the C172. The C182's simplicity, speed, and load carrying ability make it a favourite as a all-rounder aircraft.


Diamond DA40 TDi


The Diamond DA-40 is a modern Austrian touring aircraft. This version is fitted with a 135hp aero-diesel, meaning it burns Jet-A fuel instead of AVGAS, used in the majority of light aircraft. These engines offer improved fuel economy, as well as the benefit of the wider availability and cheaper price of Jet-A. However, they are still in early phases of development in comparison to AVGAS engines, and are generally heavier and until now slightly less reliable.


Maule MXT-7-160

Maule MXT-7-160

The Maule MXT-7-160 is an American built aircraft, designed for rugged duty in and out of short, rough strips. This version has the smallest engine, 160hp, and while it still offers good short field performance, it is not as popular as the more powerful version for utility work.

This aircraft, G-BUXD, is fitted with auxiliary fuel tanks, giving it a total of 4 tanks in all and an endurance of roughly 8 hours; helpful when travelling in areas where AVGAS-supplying airfields are few and far between.

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